10 Things you have to know about Path of Exile

path of exile for beginners
As I said, a couple times now in my previews articles about Path of Exile, PoE is a new Action RPG who developed by an small company in New Zeland. After I played it for 3-4 months Ι will go through the 10 things you have to know about Path of Exile if you are a newbie in it. Lets get started:

1) Path of Exile, since Open Beta and after will be free for everyone. You can just go to, create an account and download the game. Grinding Gear Gaming, the company behind PoE, will make money by selling microtransactions objects which will not effect the game play of the game.

2) In Path of Exile there are 3 different attributes, Strenght(Red), Dexterity(Green), Intelligence(Blue) and 6 Classes. Marauder (Strenght), Ranger (Dexterity) and Witch(Intelligence) have one basic attribute while Duelist (Strength/Dexterity), Templar (Strength/Intelligence) and Shadow(Dexterity/Intelligence) have two.

3) The maximum level in PoE is 100 but Its very difficulty for someone to reach it beacuse of the experience cap when you reach high levels. Every time you get a LvL you gain 1 Point who can use it at the Skill Tree, which give you Passive stats in your character. So you can get 100 Point + 11 from quests.

4) The skill tree is huge and it is the same for all the Classes. The only difference is that every class start from different point, but you can still use every passive of the tree. You can see Path of Exile Skill Tree here. Take a big breath if you are see  it for first time.

5) In Path of Exile there is no gold but currencies. Every time you sell items on ventor you get back Currencies that you can use to buy items. Except of this you can find currencies by killing mobs or opening chest. There are 23 Currencies in PoE that they can offer differend result by using them. Here you can find every Path of Exile’s Currencies.

6) Gems are the way for your character to learn skills and they are separate on Active and Support Gems. Every time you use an active gem on gears’ socket, your character will get an Active Ability, while if you use a Support Gem it will get an additional power in the current active gem. The only way for this to work is to have links between sockets.

7) Every time you kill a mob your gems which are in yours gears sockets will gain XP. This mean that your gems will get levels and upgrades just like your character.

8) You can use Path of Exile’s Currencies to change your gear stats or even maps affixes. This means that you can start from a basic item or map and with some luck you will make one of the best item or the hardest map in the game.

9) Maps serve as the endgame content in Path of Exile and it is random quest areas with their own Affixes. Those affixes can make maps more difficult but can also increase your potential rewards.

10) The basic game modes of Path of Exile are 2, Default and Hardcore, and they’re called “Leagues”. There will also be some other Leagues with different rules which will hold for a certain period of time. Those League are like fights/battles with the winners earning prizes.

That was my list about the 10 things that you need to know about Path of Exile, if you just started the game. I hope that you find them helpfull.