Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm gameplay and characters details


Blizzard has kicked off Blizzcon 2013 by confirming new details for Heroes of the Storm, their new free-to-play MOBA!

Heroes of the Storm, previously known as Blizzard’s All Stars, contains the lore and characters from all Blizzard’s franchise. “Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard of the game. A combination of all of our heroes and villains in one big battle to the death,” the company said during the opening ceremony.

Blizzard’s also release a cinematic, a gameplay sneak peek and a developer interview from Heroes of the Storm.



So far we know 16 characters from Heroes of the Storm (although there was more in the cinematic): Falstad (Warcraft), Illidian (Warcraft), Kerrigan (Starcraft), Nova (Starcraft Ghost), Valla (Diablo), Naziba (Diablo), Raynor (Starcraft), Gazlowe (Warcraft), Uther (Warcraft), Malfurion (Warcraft), Tassadar (Starcraft), Arthas (Warcraft), Sonya (Diablo), Diablo (Diablo), Tyrael (Diablo), Stiches (Warcraft).

You can now sign up for the Heroes of the Storm Beta throw your account. For more information visit