Dawngate Shapers – Varion, the Mercenary Revelead

dawmgate-varionVarion the Mercenary is a long range, versatile ranged Carry capable of getting in and out of fights with ease. Varion can easily farm while harassing enemy Shapers in lane from afar, but excels at surprising enemies close-up with his extremely high mobility. The passive damage bonuses on Varion’s Basic Attack after using abilities affords him higher base damage than almost any other Shaper, and can often propel him into an extremely threatening late game carry status. In a teamfight, causing widespread chaos with his Ultimate while avoiding enemies with his mobility is key to being successful.

Dawngate Varion Abilities

Passive – Pure Shaper – Varion is not limited by a resource, and may cast his abilities freely.
Q – Celerity Shell: Varion winds up and fires a shell infused with the vitality of Celerity, dealing physical damage to all targets in a line.
W – Progress Gate: Varion throws a Progress Gate to target location. For the next few seconds, Varion may reactivate this ability to instantly teleport to the Gate’s location.
E – Insight Shell: Passive: Using any of Varion’s abilities grants him bonus haste and scaling damage on his next two Basic Attacks. This effect stacks several times. Activate: Lobs a flare to target location, revealing the area and any enemies struck for a few seconds.
R – Chaos Shell: Varion loads and fires an experimental Chaos Shell in target direction. The Shell attaches to the first enemy Shaper hit, dealing damage to them over time while radiating damage to all nearby enemy Shapers for several seconds.

Dawngate Varion Gameplay

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