Dead Space 3 exploit already found for infinite items

There’s a different resource management system in place for Dead Space 3 that goes toward building your own weapons from the ground up. You can find items throughout your adventure, or you can just be lazy and buy items through the microtransaction option that comes up every time you want to build something.

Or in the case of this little glitch that Game Front discovered, you can exploit a specific room in chapter 8 of the game so you can infinitely get items over and over again. Do you thing that is nice? See bellow how to do it before it hotfixed

Update: It seems that the infinite-resources method it’s not a glitch after all. Read more here.

Infinite Item Spawning Location [Glitch]

Location: Chapter 8


  • Near the end of Chapter 8, before moving on to Chapter 9. The item spawn point is inside a small building, entered by side-stepping a corrugated metal fence.
  • The building contains a bench to your right, and bunk beds to the left, with an exit door ahead. The item spawn location is near the beds, but there should be no item when you first enter.


  • To make this glitch work, leave the room through the door ahead of the beds. As you leave, turn around and wait for the door to close.
  • Once the door is closed, reenter the room and look down. Voila! An item will appear. It can be anything from extra money, to med packs, to resources.
  • Simply back out of the room, wait for the door to close, and walk back inside. You can continue to collect these items infinitely. Sell them for extra cash, or use them to craft new and better weapons.