Dota 2 Guide to Dominate your Games

Dota-2-Secrets-GuideThere are hundreds of different heroes and items in DOTA 2 and the typical team of players probably spends hours upon hours trying to figure them all out. Often though, it might take days or even weeks in some cases to figure out what each and every hero does. Sure there are free articles posted all over the net, but you can’t really know for sure if they are reliable because there’s no credibility or accountability!

The result? People from all over the Internet claiming to be an expert dishing out half cooked advice. The worst thing is sometimes you can get lost in a sea of information. And not all the information is very good. Some of them could even be outdated for all you know and no one bothers to clean up these outdated cyber trash.

But then there’s T Dub Saunders and his DOTA 2 Guide. The newest guide from the master himself. He’s a guy with a rock solid reputation. Because he himself is a pro and he too started from square one (or a noob). After all that he has done, he has created something awesome – more than 100 pages of hard core content, includes hundreds upon hundreds of strategies for every hero, item, lane and tactic that will teach you how dominate your game in no time.

After spending about two weeks with T Dub’s newest guide, I can tell you this – the information is to DIE for. I’ve learned so many new things about how to attack your opponent and use items. There’s just so much detail there and the best thing is, it is always up to date. No rehashed nonsense or stuff copied from free sites!

In short, if you need a new guide for your guild or just to help get ahead of your competition, be sure to grab your hands on DOTA 2 Secrets because it will help you to propel your game to a level beyond everything that you know now.