Foam Finger – How to unlock Dead Space 3 best weapon

More vods about Dead Space 3. This is about the Foam Finger, also known as The Devil Horns, which return in Dead Space 3 as the most powerful weapon in the game. It is a (mostly) one-shot kill weapon, with the main weapon being “Bang!” and the alt-fire being “Pew!” When reloading, Isaac will perform a “rocking out” animation, and a metal guitar riff will play

The weapon is modifiable, with the option to add or drop the alt-fire to it

How to unlock Dead Space 3 best weapon

To unlock The Devil Horns, you must first beat the main campaign. Then, you have to play over again with the New Game+ mode, but have difficulty set on “Classic.” Once you beat Classic mode on New Game+, you should have the weapon!