God of War: Ascension Live-Action Trailer ft Kratos

gow kratosSony released a new trailer for God of War: Ascension titled “From Ashes,” which shows the demise of Kratos’ wife and daughter and the rise of the ash-skinned Kratos we’ve come to know.

I think it’s neat that the trailer explains Kratos’ grey skin—that the ashes of wife and daughter become a second skin, a sort of armor. Perhaps this was seen in one of the previous God of War games already. If so, I apologize. I’ve played them all, but I found the stories told in each to be wholly forgettable.

The live-action trailer was produced by Sony and Imaginary Forces, the creative studio/production company responsible for cutscenes from previous God of War games. The song in the trailer is a much more mellow arrangement of Ellie Goulding’s “Hanging On.”