How to Download and Play 300 Heroes (video)

In this post/video I will so you how to download 300 Heroes. 300 Hereos is a China-developed MOBA where you are able to play with Anime characters from Naruto, One Piece and even Disney ones such as Wall-E and Dreamworks’ Shrek.

How to Download 300 Heroes:

1.Go to
2. Choose your Username (Dont use spaces) and Password
3. For Real Name (choose anyone) : 游鱼网 – 迅雷 – 中关村游戏网 – 骄阳 – 叶子猪
4. For ID (choose anyone): 310109198002147295 – 310109198002142734 – 310109198002141598 – 622723198602013412
5. Write the code you see
6. Click the Yellow Button below
7. If your Username is GREEN, you are ready to go
8. Click No2 on the Menu
9. Download the game by clicking on the left Yellow Button below
10. Uzip and install the Game

Thats it. Hope you will enjoy the game 😉


  • Affe Bachlerjansson

    请输入2 – 10 位长度的姓名 what is this O_O kinda error

  • Μαρίνος Αχιλλέως

    nice dude thanks!

  • Furi Chan

    how to handle this? :) thanks ahead