League of Legends NA & EU LCS Summer Split Winners

LOL championship series

NA and EU LCS Summer Split came to an end, with the playoffs were played in Pax Prime 2013 and Gamescom 2013 respectively. Cloud 9 are the NA LCS Summer Split Winners and Fnatic are the EU LCS Summer Split Winners.


On Pax 2013, Cloud 9 swept both Dignitas in the semi-finals, and Team SoloMid (TSM) in the finals after an outstanding performance. Those 3 teams, ie Cloud 9, TSM and Dignitas will be represent NA on the S3 World Championship.


On the other hand, on Gamescom, Fnatic won in the finals against Lemodongs with a score 3-1. On the 3rd plays matches Gambit overwhelm Evil Geniuses. For Europe Region Fnatic, Lemodongs and Gambit will go on S3 Worlds.

Next in the “Road to Worlds”, the Korea Regional takes place in Seoul from September 5-7, 2013. With the top two Korean teams in circuit points from OGN Champions and NLB Winter 2012, Spring 2013, and Summer 2013 already guaranteed a spot, the four best remaining teams will compete for the final ticket into Worlds. With a best of five knockout format, this qualifier should prove to be one of the most suspenseful.