League of Legends – How To Jungle Lee Sin S3 [Guide]

lee-sin-jungle-guideLee Sin is one of the most played junglers in League of Legends, especially in low elo games. On Bronze/Silver Leagues for some reason if a player cant jungle but he have to play this role, he tend to pick Lee Sin. That seems weird to me, because its very hard to do well with Lee Sin in the jungle if you get behind. So in order to help all the Lee Sin players from low leagues, I am making this Lee Sin jungle guide.

Lee Sin Jungle Guide Introduction

My mentality say that a jungler is a player who help his teammates to win theirs lanes, that why I am building Lee Sin with a focus on defense and utility. After a lot of games with Lee in the jungle I desided that this is the only way to do well in the most games with him.

Lee Sin Jungle Rune Page

5x Armor Pen Marks, 4x Attack Damage Marks, 9x Flat Armor Seals, 5x Flat Magic Resist Glypsh, 4x Magic Resist per Level Glyphs, 1x Attack Damage Quintessences and 2x Lifesteal Quintessences.


Lee Sin Jungle Masteries

In mastery you need to go with 9 Offence and 21 on Defence Tree to reduce the damage from jungle Monsters and the enemy players.


Lee Sin Jungle Items

Your starting items on jungle Lee Sin are pretty standar with the Season 3 meta on League of Legends.

Starting Items:   Hunter’s Machete + 5   Health Pots.

Machete will help you clean the jungle camps faster and Health Pots will help you keep your HP almost full.In your first recall try to get   Madred’s Razor and then  Boots of Speed. After that rush a  lol Ruby_Sightstone_item Ruby Sightstone.

Your core items are Locket_of_the_Iron_Solari_item Locket of the Iron Solari and Aegis_of_the_Legion_item Aegis of the Legion.

From your mid-late game you have to build depending on the game and the opponent team. But you need to make sure that us a jungler you need to build I little tanky for your team.

Mid-Late Items

Runic_Bulwark_item Runic Bulwark ,  Randuin’s Omen Last Whisper Warmog’s Armor Frozen Mallet The Black Cleaver and

Ravenous_Hydra_item Ravenous Hydra
Explane of the Items Choice

Madred’s Razor : You need it in order to kill jungle camps faster.
Boots of Speed : Boots will help you to run faster around the map. You can upgrade them for:

lol Ruby_Sightstone_item Ruby Sightstone: A Sightstone will give infinite wards and defensive stats (+360 health). This wards will help you do your Ward + W compo whenever you want without wasting more money on wards.

Locket_of_the_Iron_Solari_item Locket of the Iron Solari: Solari will give you a more defensive stats, cooldown reduction and shield for you and your teammates.

Aegis_of_the_Legion_item Aegis of the Legion: Aegis for even more defensive stats but most impordant the aura for your teammates.
Runic_Bulwark_item Runic Bulwark: Runic Bulwark, the upgrade of Aegis of the Legion, will give more Magic Resist for you and your teammates. If the your enemy team dont have a lot of magic damage dont build it immediately after Aegis.

 Randuin’s Omen: Omen will give you HP, armor and also a passive that reduce Attack Speed and Movement Speed for those who attacking you. Over all will help you reduce the AD damage that your are taking.

 Warmog’s Armor: Warmong will make you tankier which mean that you will be able to live longer in teamfights.

You might be a tank for your team but in the most cases some offensive items wont be a bad idea.

 Last Whisper: Build Last Whisper if your enemy team are building a lot of armor.
Ravenous_Hydra_item Ravenous Hydra: Hydra is a great item for Lee Sin. In the most teamfights you will be inside of the enemy team, so with Hydra’s passive you will do bonus damage to everyone of them.

More Explanation on Jungle Lee Sin

-The early stages of the game are the most important for Lee Sin. Your jungle path should be Wraiths -> Red Buff (Without Smite) -> Blue Buff with Smite. After that try to gank your lanes.

-On mid game (15-25min), you have to had finished with your core items. Meaning Ruby Sightstone, Locket of the Iron Solari and Aegis of the Legion.

-On teamfights you need to always remember that you are the initiator for your team.  Your goal in the game is to disturb the enemy team and make them focusing you so your teammates will be free to kill them.

-Dont worry if you die. In close game you will probably die a lot because you are the initiator for your team.

Thats my Lee Sin Guide. I hope that you like it. Feel free to comment about my guide. Also, if you are looking for more Guides and Tips to help you win in Solo Queue for each lane you play we recommend you to check Summoner School. A whole site dedicated to help League of Legends players who struggle to climb the Ladders.