League of Legends NA & EU LCS Spring Winners

LOL championship seriesAfter 10 weeks of the regular season and 1 week of playoffs we have our NA and EU LCS Spring Winners for League of Legends. Fnatic are the EU LCS Spring Winners and TSM Snapdragons are the NA LCS Spring Winners.

Europe LCS Spring Playoffs

In the Friday’s quarterfinals EG Raidcall and SK Gaming won against Copenhagen Wolves and Against All Autority respectively.  In the semifinals Fnatic was against EG Raidcall and Gambit Gaming was against SK Gaming . Just like the community votes, Fnatic and Gambit won a place in the Finals of Europe LCS Spring. In the Finals and after 5 closed games Fnatic won the title of the EU LCS Spring Champions.

North America LCS Spring Playoffs

NA LCS Spring Playoffs was all about the underdogs. In the Quarterfinals, not only, Good Game University eliminate Dignitas from the Semifinals, but also, CLG lost against Vulcun. In the Semifanls, GGU did it again and after their win against Curse, they took a place in the finals of the NA LCS Spring. In the 2nd semifinals Vulcun made it difficult for TSM, but at the end SoloMid won. In the NA LCS Spring Finals, GGU showed again that they have what it need to win, but the TSM’s performance was even more outstanding. After 5 great matches TSM Snapdragon won the first place on the NA LCS Spring.

If you are looking for some more League of Legends action, the qualifiers for the LCS Summer Season are coming up next for both regions (May 3rd for Europe and May 10th for North America.