Themed League of Legends Restaurant in China


After the themed park of World of Warcraft in China, its time for League of Legends to get a themed restaurant in the country.

As you can see in the pictures its been created in China the first restaurant based of League of Legends, with dishes which have named by characters of the game, like dishe Skarner aka Scorpion or dish Renecton aka crocodile. There are also special cocktails with the name of Red Pot and Blue Pot.

The restarurant called “Demacia” after one of the game’s main locations and it is decorated with pictures and statues of League of Legends characters. In addition of that the waitresses are dressed as League champion Caitlyn and a waiter as Ezreal. In the restaurant you can also find PCs where you can play League of Legends while you are waiting for your food or a table.

According to a local paper, the venture took $160,000 USD to set up, and the owner wants to expand into more locations. Whether Riot has anything to say about that or not, we’ll have to see. As much as they might appreciate a shrine to their game in a country where the title is currently exploding, there’s always a line that need to be drawn to ensure others aren’t profiting off your brand without your permission.

You can see bellow some pictures of the League of Legends Restaurant in China

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