How to win Doom Bots of Doom in League of Legends

Doom Bots of Doom is new game mode for League of Legends. It’s co-op vs all mode where the bots you are against, are really overpowered with a mix of new abilities from other LoL’s champions. Learn more about Doom Bots here. So, how

League of Legends Summoner’s Rift Update

According to official post on League of Legends website, Riot Games prepares an update for Summoner’s Rift map.  The gameplay of map will remain the same but there will be huge graphical changes on the jungle camps, baron and dragon also, and significant contrast on the dark

League of Legends Skins (March 2014)

Gameplay Preview from all the League of Legends Skins that released on March 2014 (Arctic Ops Varus and Super Galaxy Rumble) Extended Skin Preview: Arctic Ops Varus Skin Spotlight Super Galaxy Rumble Skin Spotlight Support Rap Gaming’s Channel:

League of Legends All-Star 2014

According to Riot Games’ announcement the League of Legends All-Star 2014 event will be held in Paris, France. Taking place from Thursday, May 8 to Sunday, May 11 at Le Zenith Arena, a new format will feature the All-Star Invitational and All-Star Challenge. With

Hearthstone open beta delayed until January 2014

Bad news for those they want to spend their Christmas Holidays, playing Hearthstone without an invite from Blizzard – As Blizzard has delayed the open beta until January 2014. According to their blog post, they don’t want to rush anything and they want to

SMITE – Chaac, God of Rain

The God of Rain has now arrived as Chaac makes his debut in SMITE. Chaac’s abilities all centre around his Ax and the power of the storm. With Rain Dance he can summon a rainstorm that surrounds his current location, healing himself and slowing

League of Legends Trinket System Explanation

Another pre-season 4 change that Riot Games adds to League is Trinkets’ system. There is now an additional slot in the inventory that can hold a trinket. There are 3 types of trinkets which all have different effects, there are free and at level

League of Legends Season 4 Masteries Guide

With all this masteries changes a lot of you are probably a little confused by which masteries to take on which champions. Well, it’s okay! The same think happend last season and the season before this! That’s why I am here for you, just like my