Path of Exile – How to kill Merveil, the Siren (Act 1 Boss)

Merry Christmas to everyone.

In this article I want to give you some tips in order to stay alive against Merveil(Act 1 Boss) in Path of Exile.

Marveil does long-range cold damage who can freeze you, so the best strategy against her is to get the most cold resistances possible. Equipping two Sapphire Rings is enough.

Once you get into melee range, she will mostly stop attacking you with cold spells, despite a few Cold Snaps, so a good amount of Armor is always necessary.

You can also open a Town Portal and use it if you get low on life or out of potions.

In the video bellow, you can see my Lightning Arrow Templar who is able to tank some cold damage attacks with 2 Sapphire Rings equipped.

  • Ron

    which map can i find merveil the siren?

    • Rapsos13

      Merveil the siren, is in the last area of Act 1. The area called Merveil’s Lair and its located after Cavern of Wrath and Cavern of Anger.