Hi-Rez postponed SMITE Release Date – God Aphrodite Released


Hi-Rez have decided to postpone the release date of their MOBA game SMITE (originally planned for Q1 2013). The developer still wants  to do a lot more with SMITE before the official release – more polish, features, and gods. The developer has stated that they will probably be closer to 40 gods before they are ready to release.

God number 32 was just released – Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty fighting with the weapons of a beautiful woman. One of them being her ability Kiss: She blows a kiss to an allied god, making them her soul mate and giving them both additional movement speed. If the kiss hits an enemy god, they are stunned for 1s and Aphrodite’s soul mate gets jealous, making them deal increased damage for 8 seconds.