The Third Dota 2 The International Championship Announced

the_international_3_dota 2Valve announced that the third “The International” Dota 2 Championship will be host on Aug 7th on Seattle.

Sixteen teams from all over the world will compete for the first of the tournament and for thousands of dollars in prize pool. The first team invited to this year’s tournament will be returning champions Invictus Gaming. Another 12 teams will be invited directly from Valve “over the coming days” .

The last 3 spots to the event will fill from two qualifiers (East and West Qualifiers). Those qualifiers will be hosted by GDStudio from May 13 to 19 for the West division and by BeyondTheSummit from May 20 to 26 for the East division. The winners of the East and West Qualifiers will join the other 13 teams. The last spot will be determined after a wildcard match between the runners-up from the two qualifiers.

More details about Dota 2 The International Championship will be announced soon.

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