Total War: Rome II trailer takes us to Teutoburg Forest

Total-War-Rome-IIThis trailer for the impressive-looking Total War Rome II recounts the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, where Germanic tribes — united by the son of a chieftain who was taken hostage as a child and raised in Rome — ambushed three Roman legions. If that doesn’t sound like a good setup, wait until you see what Teutoburg Forest looks like.

Total War: Rome II Trailer

The battle serves as a good showcase for some of Rome II‘s features, including what’s being referred to as a “true” line-of-sight system and ambush scenarios. Seeing such a grand game like this in action speaks for itself and often gets me the most excited, though I can still respect the work that goes into making these cinematic trailers. I hope your PC is ready.

Total War: Rome II Screenshots