WW Barb build skills guide for 1.0.8 patch

The Whirlwind Barb build is one of the most efficient build for farming in 1.0.7 patch with thousands of people who using it. So I decided to make a guide+video for my WW Barb build I use.

First of all, you need to know that Whirlwind build may lacks of tankyness and It is based on big DPS items. Βasically, a WW Barb can kill mobs and elite packs really fast so you can cut the time that you need to complete a run. If you want to get Paragon Level 100 fast, WW build is what you need.

Whirlwind Barbarian Video

Whirlwind Barb Guide

For WW Barb you need 2 one-Handed Weapons( Mace or Axe), Life on Hit and the more Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Chance  you can. After that you need different Resist, HP, Amor to farm all Monster Power Levels, such as for Inferno – MP 0 you need 550-600 All Resist, 35k+ HP and 5k Armor.

WW Barb Skills

Primary: Bash – Instigation
WW Barb is very Fury Based so you need Bash- Instigation to get 4 additional fury with every basic attack.

WhirlWind – Hurricane
Of course you need to use Whirlwind skill with Hurricane to move with your movement speed.

Sprint – Run Like the Wind
With Sprint – Run Like the Wind you can run faster and do damage while you moving.

Battle Rage – Into the Fray
Battle Rage will increase your damage and Critical Chance, while with Into the Fray you have a chance to restore 15 Fury. As I said you need the more you can get to use Whirlwind and Sprint.

Wrath of the Berserker – Thrive on Chaos
You need Berserker to increase your Critical Hit Chance, Attack Speed, Dodge Chance and Movement Speed and with Thrive on Chaos you can increase the duration of Berserker based on the Fury you restore.

The last skill will be different based on your needs. Choose one of:

War Cry – Impunity
Increasing your armor and All resist by 20% for 60 seconds.

Revenge – Provocation
Restoring your HP based on the mobs you hit.

Overpower – Killing Spree
Increasing your Critical Chance by 10% for 6 seconds.

WW Barb Passive Skills

You restore 3% of the Damage you deal.

It increase 5% your Critical Hit Chance and 50% your Critical Hit Damage.

Weapons Master
You get 10% Critical Hit Chance if  you use Mace or Axe.

In the Link bellow you can see the WW Barb build I use and my armory.

WW Barb Build
Elydron#2355 Armory

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